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Dear Definitive Jux,

I'm not mad Aesop Rock has an embarrassment of a new album, two typical music videos to go with it, and a growing uppperground fan base. I'm not even mad he has an Mtv.com profile! But Mr. "I haven't exactly been embraced by the populus" didn't ever give the impression of wanting to be, which makes recent events both alarming and incomplete.

Maybe the reason he stayed underground for so long was because there wasn't a rock-the-world-and-burn-down-the-dance-hall shoulder chip fueling his demeanor. He is the last artist I ever expected to make a music video with his face smothering the lens.

I suppose truly shameless and self-mocking promotion is how to earn money making something that doesn't make the least bit of sense. Sorry you hated your nine-to-five so much, Aesop. But most everyone's got one. Just like a good secret and a bad habit. You used to be both.

Untalented and Belligerent

PS: Having El-P on your label was bad enough
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