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the basic introduction post

It's late, trouble sleeping, sitting here with my headphones on but no music playing.
Stumbled upon the community and thought I'd join based on the info page.. seems pretty right on...

I listen to a lot of music of other genres but I've always been a big hip-hop fan.

As of late....

-Antipop Consortium
-Digable Planets
-Jurassic 5
-Run DMC
-Eric B. and Rakim
-Public Enemy
-Arrested Development
-LL Cool J (the mamma said knock you out album)
-random Dead Prez songs

I usually try to stay away from stuff with 'dick' references and stuff of a more sexist nature. But then again.... I think most of us do?

aside from that, a lot of DJ Food, Shadow, and Cut Chemist have been on my media player......
past that, Theivery Corporation, but I think that's getting a little out of range.

Heard any good instrumentals lately?
aquired a Cypress Hill instrumental album today, normally I wouldn't press play for one of their cds, but when I was a teenager I listened to it so the instrumentals might be kind of interesting for me.

Also today, I heard a version of the Public Enemy/Anthrax 'bring the noise' song
but it was just the vocal tracks all laid over the Ghostbusters theme song from the movie.

it got a little old after a while but it was def. enjoyable! Fun stuff. Whoo hooo!
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